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Michael Douglas’ Son Arrested for Drugs Which Could Have Ramifications for the Family in Los Angeles

Michael Douglas’ son, Cameron Douglas, was in a Federal courthouse when his girlfriend attempted to smuggle drugs to the actor’s son. This past Monday Kelly Sott visited her boyfriend at the courthouse. During the visit she was caught trying to smuggle the young Douglas heroin. As soon as she was caught for her drug crime, she should have immediately hired a Los Angeles drug crime defense attorney. One of the most important things that can happen when an arrest or an investigation begins is to hire a pre-filing defense attorney that can represent a suspect early on in the proceedings.

Cameron Douglas was in the court facing Federal charges for a meth bust. Sott was arrested when she attempted to pass him an electric toothbrush filled with dime bags of the deadly drug.

In California, as in most states, it is illegal to pass a narcotics to a prisoner. The result, prison for the convicted felon.

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