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Medical Marijuana policy changed in Los Angeles and throughout Cailfornia

This week the California Attorney General updated Medical Marijuana policy in Los Angeles and California. More specifically, after the passage of Proposition 215 there have been contradictions on how the Federal Government and California law enforcement officials treat medical marijuana dispensaries in the Los Angeles area as well as throughout the state. It seems odd that the state has passed laws allowing marijuana to be dispensed to those who legitimately need medical marijuana, but the Feds still prosecute those same sellers. This week things have changed on this issue once again. California Attorney General Jerry Brown has stated that he now believes that many “legal” dispensaries are not really operating legally.

Attorney General Brown has come out with guidelines which he thinks will minimize the number of Federal raids on sellers. Brown states that dispensaries should only sell to those who are legally allowed to purchase marijuana, the dispensaries must pay sales tax, and they must get their marijuana through legal channels. Brown also stated that the seller of marijuana should not be operating for profit but rather as a not-for-profit establishment. If a person is stopped and is arrested, or told they are under investigation for a marijuana crime, then they should immediately contact a Southern California attorney who has experience with these types of crimes

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