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Medical Fraud Investigation in Los Angeles Continuing in Michael Jackson Case

The Federal authorities and Los Angeles law enforcement are combing through vast amounts of evidence to ascertain whether there was Los Angeles Medical Fraud and Holmby Hills white-collar fraud in the death of singer Michael Jackson. Investigators have been looking at a total of five doctors who were writing prescriptions for the famous singer, some under fake names. Los Angeles pre-filing defense attorneys are making great headway in protecting their physician clients from potentially devastating results. It is very important if a professional is under investigation to immediately hire a top notch Los Angeles investigation defense attorney to manage the investigation in a parallel manner to law enforcement. Thereby, providing key evidence and witnesses who can either clear the professional from further harm to their reputation, or worse, a criminal filing and lose of license.


Dozens of prescription bottles have been found in the Los Angeles home rented for the singer since his death last week. The investigators have let slip that many of the bottles have no labels, other have names other then the singers true names. It has been reported that Jackson had been suffering from an addition to prescription pain pills for many years. In fact, the singers family has publicly come forward and blamed his many doctors for enabling the singer with these powerful drugs. One of the drugs of most concern to law enforcement is the drug Diprivan. The drug is one of the most power sedatives on the market. Usually only used in operating rooms by anesthesiologists in surgery. Some of the bottles in Jackson’s home were full of the drug, while others were completely empty.

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