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Los Angeles Welfare Fraud Conviction Result in Serious Consequences

Three people, who were previously arrested for Welfare Fraud in the Southern California area around Los Angeles called Antelope Valley, have not been convicted and sentenced to serious time in custody. They were represented by a Los Angeles welfare fraud defense attorney who worked very hard to prevent the individuals from spending decades in prison for stealing from the welfare fraud system. Due to the exhaustive work of the attorneys, these people will serve little to no additional time in custody.

Authorities have stated that the individuals took enough money and benefits that they were not entitled to and used some of the money to purchase a very expensive house. They were convicted of welfare fraud and Los Angeles grand theft. In most cases those that commit a Southern California welfare fraud will be charged under the California Welfare and Institutions Code Section `0980(c)(2). In addition, most cases the fraud are committed by filing false documents under oath, a perjury charge will also be filed pursuant to Penal Code Section 118
Kim Johnson, James Earl Brown and Jacqueline Hervey, were all arrested in a one of the Counties largest fraud busts in recent history. These three individuals were convicted of stealing money from the Los Angeles Housing Authority, the Social Security Administration and the Home Social Services program. In total, over $400,000 was stolen.

It has become much more prevalent for those involved in welfare fraud to also file false claims for Section 8 funds. In this case, the three were able to accumulate over $100,000 in Section 8 funds in violation of the law. The heavy in the case, Johnson, was sentenced to 4 years in prison
In most cases, welfare fraud is committed by the filing of false documents with social service agencies which are responsible for dispersing large sums of money and other benefits to welfare recipients. The recipient commonly makes false statements as to assets in his or her possession, incorrectly declares the number of children in a household, makes false statements concerning whether they have other income being earned, and in some cases, the recipient claims they are the care givers for incapacitated persons and will be paid for those services, when in fact they are no doing so, or the person does not even exist.

The statute of limitations is 5 years from either the date the crime occurred, or when the fraud was discovered. The punishment for each count can be 5 years of state prison, parole or probation, full restitution for all of the monies illegally taken, the cost of investigating the crime by the State and law enforcement, a complete bar from every being able to collect social services again, and finally, being labeled for life as a criminal.

If you have been charged or investigated with committing a Los Angeles welfare fraud or grand theft in Southern California, please contact Los Angeles criminal defense attorney Michael Kraut for 24/7 assistance by phone at (323) 464-6453 or toll free at (888) 334-6344 or online.

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