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Los Angeles Sees an End to the OJ Simpson Saga as OJ is Sentenced to Prison

The verdict that was heard around Los Angeles and Southern California ended today with the judge sentencing OJ Simpson to serious prison time. The jury returned verdicts for the robbery at a casino near the Sunset Strip, in Las Vegas.

Oddly enough, the man who captivated a world during the “trial of the century,” was no longer being idolized. Today one of Las Vegas’ toughest judges sentenced 61 year-old Simpson to a maximum of 33 years in prison. However, he will be eligible to be released on parole in as little as 9 years.

This case ended with verdict exactly 13 years to the date that the Los Angeles jury acquitted Simpson of the double murder of his wife, Nicole, and her friend, Ron Goldman. Feelings around of satisfaction rang clear from San Bernardino to Orange County to Long Beach. The general feeling in that the imprisonment of OJ was a long time coming.

A multi-cultural reaction of both African Americans and whites seemed to be almost universally satisfied with the verdict. Most felt that justice was served to Simpson, if not for this crime alone, then for the double murders in 1994.

The case that lead to his prison sentence involved a failed robbery attempt to get sports memorabilia that may or may not have belonged to Simpson. In 2007, Simpson and some of his friends brought weapons and a bad attitude to a hotel room where much of the activities were caught on audio and video recordings. Simpson denied there was a gun, but the evidence and jury disagreed.

Appeals will be filed, but for the next 9 years, Simpson will be in custody, most likely in solitary confinement for his safety.

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