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Hermosa Beach DUI By Fireman Results In Reversal Of Job Loss

A Los Angeles judge allowed a Hermosa firefighter to return to work after he reversed a Civil Service Commission ruling. The judge found that Sheldon Osekowsky, a 22 year veteran firefighter, was improperly fired a Southern California DUI. In 2006 he had been arrested and plead guilty to driving under the influence, a criminal charge. At that time his license was suspended for a year and the Fire Department removed him his position as a driver of fire equipment. After 10 months in a different position at the Hermosa Fire Department, he was summarily fired.

Osekowsky fought the decision all the way through the Los Angeles Civil Service Commission. The Commission ruled against the fireman. It was not clear if the fireman attempted to fight his charges with a Los Angeles or Southern California DUI defense attorney. A well trained Los Angeles DUI attorney can attack the evidence and procedures used by law enforcement. In some cases, fighting the charges can result in a not guilty finding. In many cases,if a person is found not guilty of the DUI charges, he or she will not result in a person loosing their job, pension, driver’s license, and not having to pay the huge fines and fees that are mandated by the courts.

The case was then taken to Superior Court where Judge James Chalfant reversed the Commission’s ruling and reinstated the fireman. The case then went back to the Commission to decide what punishment, short of termination, was going to be imposed. The Commission may impose a 30 day suspension.

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